Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning methods are used by AI photo editors to assess, understand, and improve photos. You may enhance the appearance of your images and speed the editing process by using an AI photo editor.

To help you choose the finest AI photo editor the first time, we’ve created a list of the top five AI picture applications!

The 5 best AI powered editing apps:


Face App uses AI for creative selfie editing. Users can use the software to change the cosmetic qualities of their face, such as makeup, haircut, or facial hair, as well as physical features such as face shape, gender traits, or perceived age. Face App Video, a comparable program from the same developer, can perform similar video edits and effects.

Popular AI face app

Other major AI-powered features include:

  1. Age filter – Adds or reduces wrinkles and age effects.
  2. Smile filter – Brings a smile to any facial expression.
  3. Beard filter – Allows you to modify and experiment with your facial hair.

Price: Free, Face app Pro – $10/per month | Available on: iOS and Android

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Face tune

Facetune is a popular tool for making rapid modifications to images and videos. It is often used for skin touch-ups, teeth whitening, makeup application, and face shaping. The app also includes its own avatar generator, which allows users to enhance their photos with AI-generated costumes, haircuts, backgrounds, and more.

Fine tune your image with Face Tune

The excellent Facetune app offers various AI tools features like,

  1. AI video Enhancer
  2. AI Outfit changer
  3. AI Head shot Generator

Price: Free, Paid Plans starts from $4.99/month | Available on: iOS and Android

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Lensa AI

Lensa is a popular social networking app that lets users make creative modifications and variations of their selfies. Prisma Labs created Lensa, which uses neural networks, computer vision, and deep learning techniques to take mobile photography and video creation “to the next level,” according to the business.

Lensa AI upgrades the Images to Next level


The program allows users to do everything from little adjustments like background blurring to fully unique representations. Lensa’s Magic Avatars function can create a series of AI selfie portraits from a selection of your photos.

Price: Free, subscription at $2.99/week | Available on: iOS and Android

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StarryAI is an AI art generator that can turn a simple language query into an artwork. To accomplish this, the software uses two AI models. The first renders the artwork creations using a specific type of machine learning model known as GANs, or generative adversarial networks.

The best AI avatar Generator - Starry Ai

The second method of creating artwork and images is through steady dissemination. StarryAI is one of many text-to-image generators on the market today, allowing users to create everything from AI avatars to NFTs.

Added Features in Starry AI:

  • 1000+ Styles
  • Custom Sizes
  • Upscale
  • In-Painting
  • Bulk Create

Price: Free, Paid plans begins at $11.99 per month. | Available on: iOS and Android

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This is an AI photo enhancer instantly improves and sharpens blurry, low-quality, or damaged photos. Remini uses AI picture editing techniques to revitalize your images and prepare your average shots for the social media spotlight. Even old photographs might be altered to surprise loved ones!

Remini - Old Imagesto Crystal clear Images

Some Main Use Cases in Remini:

  • Transform regular pictures and selfies into amazing, influencer-style output.
  • Restore an aged, fuzzy, or scratched photo.
  • Create memorable viral material with before/after comparisons.

Price: Free, Remini Pro starts at $2.99/week | Available on: iOS and Android

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