As a developer, your primary tool is undoubtedly the one that allows you to convert your thoughts into code: a code editor. To change HTML and CSS code, all you need was a simple text editor; the rest is up to your skills and cleverness. To make your life a little easier, you can use code editors that include numerous editing features. These features can help you with coding, debugging, and testing.

Price: Free / $99 ( LICENSE) | Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Sublime text has been recognized for its outstanding performance. It includes all of the capabilities you’d expect from a powerful code editor, and much more. It is lightweight, open, and ready to edit your file practically immediately with smooth and ease. This responsiveness is one of the features that distinguishes it as the greatest code editor in its class.
Sublime Text is free to download and use, but for longer use, you’ll need to pay $99 for a license.

  • Lightweight and high speed
  • Powerful API and Package Ecosystem
  • Auto indentation

Click here to Download Sublime

Price: Free | Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Vim is a favorite among old-school programmers and keyboard lovers. This code editor has a long history, starting with the Vi editor in 1976 and continuing to grow today. The program is fully controlled by the keyboard, making it considerably quicker and more effective – but only if you make an effort to learn how to use it. If you have the time to learn it, Vim could significantly boost your coding productivity!

Key features:

  • extensive plugin system
  • support for hundreds of programming languages and file formats
  • integrates with many tools

Click here to download Vim

Price: Free | Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Visual Studio Code, a member of Microsoft’s product family, is known as one of the most versatile and well-rounded code editors. It is a flexible, open-source code editor that supports a wide range of programming languages and frameworks, including C, C++, and C#, as well as current languages such as Go, Rust, and Node.JS.

Key Features:

  • Split Views, Zen Mode.
  • Built-in debugger.
  • Easily extensible and customizable.

Click here to download VS Code

Price: Free | Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Apache NetBeans is a top-level Apache Project dedicated to providing solid software development products (the Apache NetBeans IDE and the Apache NetBeans Platform) that meet the needs of developers, users, and businesses that use NetBeans as a foundation for their products; in particular, to enable them to develop these products quickly, effectively, and easily by utilizing the strengths of the Java platform and other relevant industry standards.

Key Features:

  • Static analysis tools.
  • fast and smart code editing.
  • Cross-Platform support.

Click here to download NetBeans

Price: Free | Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Atom is a ‘hackable’ text editor, which means that it allows new and moderate programmers to design their own text editors without having years of programming knowledge. Very much like WordPress, Atom users can submit packages and themes for the software.

Key Features:

  • Easy options for auto-completion.
  • Plenty of plugins are available.
  • Highly Extendable

Click here to download Atom

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