Managing finances may be hard especially when huge sums of money are involved, and it is easy to get off track when budgeting. This goes to both professionals in the field and individuals looking to create a personal budget.

In this post, we’ll learn more about the importance of AI tools for personal finance management and budgeting, as well as the five top ways based on their features and pricing.

5 Best AI Apps For Finance Management:


Cleo is a chatbot that helps users with budgeting by integrating to their bank account. Using AI and natural language creation, the app offers general financial guidance as well as personalized messages based on whether a user wants to be “roasted” or “hyped” for their financial conduct.

Budget your Amount today with the best Ai powered financial app - Cleo

Cleo also allows customers to create specifically budgets and goals, track what they spend, and much more.


  • Free for Cleo Personal Finance Management Services.
  • The Cleo Plus subscription costs $5.99 each month.
  • The Cleo Builder subscription is $14.99 per month.

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Fyle, which is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, employs artificial intelligence to simplify employee expenditure management. It can manage expenditure reporting, real-time data extraction, travel requests and advances, analytics, and many other tasks.

Managing your expenses made easy now with fyle the best ai powered financial app.

Fyle integrates with any Visa or Mastercard card, allowing employees to receive automatic transaction notifications and submit receipts straight through other apps such as Gmail, Outlook, and Slack.


  • The pricing starts from $8.99/per month in standard plan
  • It also has a demo account feature.

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Eva Money

The iOS and Android mobile app Eva Money, designed by Fintel Labs, is a personalized financial assistant. The software has voice and chat capabilities and makes use of artificial intelligence. It enhances general financial wellness by providing conversational intelligence-based solutions to inquiries about your own money.

The Ai powered personal assistant app to track your expenses

Additionally, you may use the Eva Money app to link all of your bank accounts and receive a comprehensive overview of your current financial situation (note that Eva currently only works with US banks). Not only that, but it may also provide advice on how to minimize costs, raise credit score, and optimize cashback, among other things.


  • Free for android/iOS 

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The free financial assistant software was developed in 2015 by two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Lucas de Morae’s, a former professional motocross pilot, and Cristiano Oliveira. It makes use of behavioral economics and artificial intelligence.

Managing the business receipts, Invoices and digital assets made easy with popular Ai powered financial app

This program basically looks for trends in the way a user usually spends their money. Then it makes use of those patterns to develop techniques that enable customers to save money by spending less on the same items.


  • You can request for a demo and customize your plan and pricing as per your requirements

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Wizely is another AI-powered money-saving tool that allows users to save incrementally, with options for Flexi and Savings Plans. It also claims to be India’s first digital piggy bank application. Its AI and ML technologies enable the platform to provide an adaptive learning approach, making it more easier for consumers to save.

Build your Money managing habit with Wizley - Ai Powered Financial app


  • Starts at Rs. 10.

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