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Duolingo was the first free language-learning app to compete with pricey paid programs. It includes a variety of independent tasks to help you gain a basic understanding of hundreds of languages or review ones you already know. It’s easily the best free language program available. Even when compared to paid language-learning tools, Duolingo remains one of the top software for learning a language, achieving a perfect five-star rating.

Price: Free (premium subscription available)

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Photomath is a smart camera calculator and math assistant app that allows users to solve equations simply by taking a picture. From algebra and geometry to trigonometry, statistics, and calculus, Photomath can handle a wide range of math topics. All you need to do is snap a picture of the equation, and Photomath provides step-by-step explanations and solving methods.

Price: free (in-app purchases available)

Click here – Photomath for iOS

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The redesigned NASA App unlocks access to the new NASA+ video streaming service, plus all the latest NASA images, news, mission information, podcasts, and interactive augmented reality experiences to explore — putting the universe at your fingertips!

This is one of the greatest apps for education if you want to learn about science and the solar system, but it’s also an excellent tool for having fun while maintaining track of what’s currently going on in the realm of space research.

Price: free

Click here – NASA for Android

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Learning the fundamentals of coding and experimenting with it are made simple with SoloLearn. For a free program, it offers a plenty of information about how to use HTML, SWIFT, Java, and even databases like SQL. Learning a variety of coding languages is possible, and this app’s interactive features make learning considerably simpler than with some other coding techniques. You can see the effect of your code modifications through the user-friendly interface.

Price: free (premium subscription available)

Click here – SoloLearn for android

Click here – SoloLearn for iOS

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