It’s hardly surprising that artificial intelligence (AI), which has been sweeping the globe and grabbing everyone’s attention, has made its way into our cherished cellphones. Our smartphones’ intelligence has increased to previously unheard-of levels, enabling them to act as pals and excellent photography aids.

Lets Take a look on the finest AI Trending apps that are widely used in 2024.

AI Trending Apps in 2024 

What is AI?

AI refers to computer systems that can do complex tasks formerly handled only by humans, such as reasoning, decision-making, and problem solving. Today, the term “artificial intelligence” refers to a wide range of technologies that power many of the services and products we use on a daily basis, from applications that recommend TV shows to chatbots that offer real-time customer support.


ChatGPT, the market leader in chatbots, can interact with users, respond to requests, and generate fresh content. 

This can also give suggestions and ideas if you’re unsure what to do next or need assistance making a decision. ChatGPT feels like conversing with a real person. It understands what you’re saying and responds organically and interestingly.


ChatGPT is free up to version 3.5, but ChatGPT Plus, which starts at $20 per month.


Ask AI

Ask AI, which is powered by the Chat GPT API and GPT-4, can answer user inquiries, communicate with them, and produce outlines and other new content in response to text prompts. 

You may ask questions about any topic by submitting links or documents. You may customize AskAI’s appearance and response to inquiries. Once configured, you can embed it as a chat widget on your website, Zap, Slackbot, or plugin, or provide public URLs.


Ask AI is a fully free version, So there is no premium or payment to be made to utilize it.

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Airbnb, the Washington Post, and Nike have all employed Trint’s AI transcription services. Its AI-enabled smartphone software allows users to swiftly capture, translate, and distribute material, as well as write notes and alter the translated text. Trint claims it can also automatically translate in over 30 languages and transform finished translations into over 50 more.

Also, Trint’s collaborative capabilities make it a strong, though pricy, solution for media professionals, whether they work in podcasting, writing, or print. 


Trint paid version comes with the starting price of $80/per month and $625/per annum.

Trint includes 7 day Free Trial Access.

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ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak uses artificial intelligence to assist users improve their English speaking abilities. The app uses speech data and voice recognition technology to listen to a user’s accent and utilize a color-coded system of red, yellow, and green to determine how close the user said specific words, as well as giving advice on how the user may improve. 

ELSA Speak is suitable for students hoping to succeed in English, tourists wanting to converse fluently overseas, and professionals trying to improve their communication skills and prepare for exams like IELTS or other Exams.


ELSA Speak provides a free version that includes 44 English sounds and topics. To enjoy ad-free learning and AI suggestions, upgrade to  Premium for $11.83/month or $14.17/month.



Starry AI is a free AI art generating program that lets you create gorgeous pictures just by saying what you want. You may create up to five artworks without watermarks every day and customize them using a variety of models, styles, aspect ratios, and initial images. StarryAI uses cutting-edge AI approaches to be one of the most successful AI editing Apps in 2024.

There is a free version available for iOS and Android.


Starry AI is free for up to five daily artworks with no watermarks. Paid plans begin at $11.99 per month.

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