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Primo for PC

Primo is an app for voice and video calling. That you can use to settle on free decisions wherever on the planet. It may sound to you like your standard VOIP administration, however, it’s definitely not. It has considerably more up its sleeve than just a standard VOIP application that you may find on the web. We should dive straight into the review of this app that I’ve been using for a long time.

App Availability

The Primo app is open for you to download on your iOS or Android smartphone, on a very basic level covering the most generally perceived working frameworks running on a phone nowadays, however, I genuinely looked for that it was also available after Windows because there are numerous Windows Mobile users out there.

App Usability and Interface

Exactly when you first open the app, you are invited with a screen that asks you to either take on the app or sign in with your present record. For my circumstance, I enrolled for another record and a short time later, I got into the app. The user interface on the app looks genuinely flawless and oversimplified, with the ideal things spread around to a great extent, that will empower you to redesign your experience on the app. I didn’t see any promotions load on the app, which is something worth being appreciative for.

Swiping from the left, you gain induction to a menu where you can pick what you have to do in the app. You have options for sending an instant message or setting a call or in any function, gaining free credits to settle on decisions. By and large, the interface of the app is a lot of spread out and all around organized.

User Registration and Free Credits Procedure

The methodology to start using the Primo for PC starts by making a free record on the app. To enroll for another record, you need to enter your first name, last name, pick a username, and enter your mystery key. Then, on the following screen, you will have the decision to enter your flexible number, which is an optional development that gets you 200 minutes of voice calling. I entered my adaptable number and after that got an SMS from the organization with a verification code that I entered in the substance box and thereafter my number was verified. Now, it was a great idea to go.

The Primo app similarly has a portion called Rewards, wherein you get repaid with calling minutes when you complete a specific undertaking. There is a ton of tasks that you can do, one of them being verifying your phone number, which I recently did. If you need more minutes, essentially complete the tasks recorded on the page there, and you will get free minutes that you can use to call anyone in the whole world.

How to Download and Install Primo for PC:

Since this app isn’t accessible on the Android Platform! We’ll be using the Apk file to install this app on PC. Fret not, the method won’t be that difficult and it won’t require some investment by any stretch of the imagination. However, you’ll have to ensure that you have an emulator that supports the Apk files. We have arranged an extensive guide for that. You can follow the link to get it for yourself. Thereafter, follow these steps.

Download the Primo apk file from here. Then Open the emulator and drag the Apk file on that emulator. Sit tight for the cycle and once done, you can open the app from the App cabinet.

Final Words:

I’d give this app an incredible rating. As I had the choice to put a voice and without any issues, by any stretch of the imagination. It will in general be amazingly useful to call someone by methods for Primo and get a good deal on your calling bill. However, the voice approaching the app was extraordinary and that is adequate for me for the present.

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