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Enable Bing on Chrome with this Chrometana Extension


Force Windows 10 and Cortana to use Google Chrome and your #1 internet searcher as opposed to Bing! Microsoft makes a decent attempt to make us love and use their new program, Edge, and their terrible web index Bing; venturing to make it extremely difficult for Windows 10 users to use whatever else.

Reverse the situation with Chrometana Pro, a chrome extension forcing Windows and Cortana to use Google Chrome and your number one web index rather than Edge and Bing. Pick between Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Baidu. Chrometana Pro additionally makes it simple for you to add your own internet searcher and customize if Bing or potentially Cortana solicitations will use your number one web index all things being equal.

Chrometana Pro went along to fill the hole left by the first Chrometana extension whose creator has abandoned the undertaking.

For being a Microsoft thing, Bing is obligated for giving the eventual outcomes of the examination done on Cortana. Despite the way that changes the web list, with the Chrometana the user can never again notice the see of the links, being sent straightforwardly to the results page of the picked site.

Chrometana for PC was actually an unfathomable chrome augmentation that tricks bing solicitations to google look. It has since been obsoleted by Chrometana Pro (similarly free) on the Chrome App Store. I significantly recommend this augmentation as I detest using Edge or Bing for anything.

How to Install Chrometana for PC:

Now, remember that this is a chrome extension. What you need is the Chrome program. So all the Emulators won’t work here. Also, for a great many people, this extension isn’t even useful. Yet if you love Cortana, this is all you require. Now, we should start with the installation methodology.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. In the search bar, type Chrometana.
  3. You’ll see both the free and professional versions. However, the two of them are totally free.
  4. Download it is possible that one and sit tight for the installation.
  5. Now, open Cortana and advise her to look for any inquiry.
  6. Your default internet searcher won’t be bing yet the one you’ll pick in the extension settings.
  7. Enjoy!

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