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Have your Very Own Avatar in this BitLife- Life Simulator Game

BitLife Life Simulator for PC

Is it true that you have burnt out on that standard, worn-out Role Playing and Racing games? Then you should attempt BitLife. This genuine simulation lets you have your very own advanced avatar. You are responsible for every decision he makes in a world made around him.

BitLife stands miles separated from its rival’s gratitude to its revolutionary concept in the gigantic pool of customary versatile games. With well over a million downloads exclusively on Play Store, this game appreciates a very sound number of dynamic users.

This is only a surface-level examination of BitLife, and this game has a ton of superb highlights to keep you snared for quite a long time of recess. Being the specialists, we investigated every part of Bitlife and made a top to bottom evaluation of this wonderful application.

BitLife Life Simulator for PC

Features of BitLife- Life Simulator Game

Revolutionary Concept

BitLife is made around a revolutionary concept of letting its users control a computerized avatar’s life from its introduction to the world to death. This concept appears to be intricate on paper, however, developers have done an incredible occupation in integrating genuine perspectives, for example, decision-making and finances into the game. Your decision on how you handle your relationships are substantially more underlined with a lot of little yet gripping changes also.

Extraordinary Algorithm

Normally, the algorithm of a game is pre-chosen by the developers. Regardless of whether it’s a racing game or a shooting game. Nonetheless, in Life Simulations games, for example, BitLife, there is no fixed result. The decision you take in your young years can influence your adulthood and marriage subsequently in the game. Furthermore, the odds of falling into a similar situation are very thin. Thus, you get treated with new life situations every time you play the game.

Clean UI

BitLife has a generally clear user-interface, with a very minimal learning bend. An undeniable intro will welcome you, and you have to learn individual tabs, including relationship, finances, education, and review profile. The animation illustrations are additionally very smooth. You don’t require a super-very good quality smartphone or PC to run this game, as its specification necessities are pretty low too.

Never feels Monotonous

Because of its extraordinary concept, Bitlife never feels dull or repetitive. At whatever point you start an excursion of your character, every decision will prompt interesting life situations in different viewpoints.

Your education influences your profession and relationships in the later phases of your life. You are additionally welcomed with a lot of extraordinary pop-ups that are inspired by genuine occasions. This brisk decision additionally has significance in your avatar’s life.

A Word from the users of BitLife

With a strong 4.2 rating and over a million downloads, BitLife is one of the best life simulation games on PlayStore. While going through the user audits of BitLife, we saw that the users appreciated the clear user interface of the game.

Numerous audits likewise pointed out how the game never felt dreary even after continuous utilization. Indeed, even while going through the negative audits, we discovered nothing genuine. All things considered, we were justified by the client audits of BitLife.

Downloading BitLife- Life Simulator for PC:

Choosing an Emulator:

The very first thing you need is to get the best Android emulator for yourself. We have compiled a list of them, feel free to follow the link below. However, choose the one that supports your device better than the other.

Best Android Emulators For Windows PC And Mac

Installation and Configuring:

Regardless of what Emulator you’ll choose, the process is still the same. However, for Gameloop, make sure that your game is registered in its market. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play it. Assuming you have downloaded any other emulator and installed it. Let’s configure it.

  • The graphics and the rest of the settings will be optimized on their own, so don’t bother. All you need is to enter an active but not your primary Gmail ID. And you are good to access the Play Store.

How to Install the game:

  1. Just open the Play Store.
  2. Search for BitLife- Life Simulator Game
  3. Locate the relevant result and thus Click on Install.
  4. Wait, since it’ll take time to download.
  5. Once done, you can open the game from the App Drawer.
  6. Moreover, Enjoy it!

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