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Want a Good VPN, try this ArgoVPN for PC

ArgoVPN for PC

If you are looking to read audits and locate a good VPN for your day-to-day web tasks then is one of the honest surveys you can read today. There are endless audits out there you can look over. Some are certifiable while some will just endeavor to get your hard-earned cash. Others actually are used by scammers to get their way into your device and your most crucial data.

It is vital that you take your time and know more about a particular VPN before you can confide in it to manage the work. In this audit today we will talk about Argo VPN, how to download it on your device, and how you can start using it.

ArgoVPN for PC

About Argo VPN

Argo VPN is a free Iranian VPN that has premium features where some of them can be found on commercial VPNs. Argo VPN works phenomenally in Iran helping individuals bypass various web oversights.

Argo VPN has been created by Filtershekanha, the gathering that also TeleDR and Electornproxy. These apps help the residents of Iran to bypass web restriction. For quite a while, these two apps have been helping Iranians to access Telegram and Twitter.

The Argo VPN team trusts in the right to speak freely on online platforms and that is their aim is to guarantee that the residents of Iran will get the opportunity they merit. To do this, they built up the Argo VPN with a couple of features that will assist Iranians with bypassing several web limitations.

Argo Premium Features

As referenced above Argo VPN has a few features that are generally just found on commercial VPNs. They may be premium however you won’t have to pay anything to access them. These features are viewed as very good quality consequently helping more individuals have the opportunity of online discourse.

Implicit firewall

This firewall causes users to hinder certain sites that they would prefer not to track. This means that users can use the web uninhibitedly and as long as they are using Argo VPN these scamming sites will stay obstructed. These may sites that track others’ data and information. You can also decide to hinder sites that promote youngster pornography and shield your kids from such dangers.

This VPN has a public archive that allows users to impede malware and phishing sites from accessing your data. This feature causes Argo VPN users to guarantee that they are safe from any phishing or malware dangers. Now and again while you are perusing the web you may not know when you click a phishing or malware site. You may wind up in a predicament if you don’t have a VPN that will assist you with impeding such sites before you come into contact with you. Fortunately, Argo VPN has this store that will always be updated and will assist with obstructing dangerous sites.

URLs prohibition

Argo VPN allows users to prohibit certain URLs from downloading data on your device. You can use the special cases rundown to set aside the URLs that you want to be prohibited from your web connection.

Installing ArgoVPN for PC:


First of all, download an Android Emulator. We have compiled a big list for you to choose from. Just follow the link ahead and get the Emulator you like:

All the Android Emulators That are Available for PC

Then you’ll need to download and install any of them.

Once done, you’ll need to configure it. That process is quite easy.


  1. Open the Emulator and follow on-screen instructions.
  2. When asking for a G-mail ID, enter the one that is active but not your primary ID.
  3. Voila! your Emulator is now ready to use.


  1. Open the Emulator of your Choice.
  2. Navigate to Play Store there and search for ArgoVPN
  3. Click on Install and Wait.
  4. Once installed, open the App from the App Drawer and start using it.
  5. Enjoy!

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